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Crown Hill Neighbors

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The Alliance opposes commercial and residential development of this unique heritage site. Rather, in the interest of public welfare, education, and scholarly research, the Alliance proposes PawPaw.that the area be conserved and managed as a nature preserve with appropriate ancillary uses.

A partnership of four nature organizations has stepped forward to negotiate with Crown Hill Cemetery for the purchase of this valuable property.  With the Central Indiana Land Trust, Inc., taking the lead, Indianapolis Parks Foundation, Indiana Department of Natural Resources (Division of Nature Preserves), and Indy Parks propose to purchase this property as the first step toward preserving this valuable resource. These organizations then hope to develop an Urban Ecology Center on the property in a second phase.  The Urban Ecology Center would provide educational programs and public access to this unique resource. Possible programs include restoring the spoils and grassy area to their natural state and the construction of a green building to house a research and teaching facility.

The Alliance of Crown Hill Neighbors supports this partnership of nature organizations and encourages the Crown Hill Board to give serious consideration to its proposal of June 2007.


Alliance of Crown Hill Neighbors; P. O. Box 88770; Indianapolis, Ind. 46208 crownhillneighbors@hotmail.com