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Crown Hill Neighbors

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In 2005, the Crown Hill Cemetery Board decided to sell 76 acres of heavily forested land on the northern end of the cemetery grounds (see aerial photo). However, this parcel is 75 percent Cutleaf toothwort.wooded, including approximately 20 acres of older growth forest and wetlands (see Natural Significance), so the Alliance of Crown Hill Neighbors believe that it is a valuable asset to the public that should be preserved as it is.

Cemetery leadership held conversations with several organizations and institutions about purchasing the land, but eventually commercial developers were invited to make bids on the property. Most recently, Petition 2006-ZON-093 (2006-DP-003) proposed the rezoning from public/institutional use to allow housing units, townhouses, and a retail/commercial area. The Alliance of Crown Hill Neighbors opposed the rezoning petition because it was in conflict with aspects of the Marion County Comprehensive Plan, it would have gravely endangered the valuable older growth and second growth woods, and it would have been in conflict with the wishes of many of its neighbors. In March 2007, this zoning petition was denied.

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